Went to Glow today at the open mall concept at Shops at Don Mills. I was excited by the attention to details of the design & presentation aspect, while disappointed at the lack of thought in the culinary experience.

Glow have a chic flow to it space, waived multi-coloured ambient ceiling and beautiful light architecture. The booth seating had cool straps to hold the back cushion along beautiful wood tables; on our table are sleek organic china that goes well with Riedel Stemless glassware. So far I enjoyed my experience.

Menu, though not very exciting was cohesive; along my white wine I had few seafood options to go with, and chose a Shrimp Pesto Linguine. My friend had a Basa dish with Potatoes. the two portions were awkwardly disproportionate; the Basa (while being an inexpensive fish) was bland and extremely small with too many potatoes, where as I received a generous amount of everything swimming in olive oil.

At times going to a new restaurant is a risk, yes we can ‘yelp’ it before hand, though I find that the risk is worth having if you get to experience something new. Though my friends left unhappy, I myself, a designer and design enthusiast, always find the individual elements as valuable as the overall gestalt. Over all will not go back to eat there, but I was happy to see beautiful contemporary components.

You know when you try to make something look good and you just don’t get the right feeling? Some days I feel kinda blah, hair gets all crazy on me, my face seems to look different, there are zero shoes that works, and how come my cloths don’t work together???

Balanced Crazy

I came across this exciting young fashion designer and I loved her caption (in title). Can’t say I always relate to runway style that I’m never sure who it’s aimed at, though I really enjoyed some of these designs. When I feel like hiding, the best mask is to stand out, and its about the confidence of putting it together. Jen Kao‘s collections just did it for me. Her eclectic inspiration just came through her feminine strong style, combining Japanese elements, NY power woman, textile and underwater motives. Sometime we need a little balanced crazy to create something powerful and beautiful. Add that to your wardrobe.

Just came back from Hot Yoga class after a long break. Feels amazing.

More often than not I find myself disappointed I did’n not do everything that I need to do: do my laundry, pay those bills, call my parents, answer emails and the list goes on. Though lately I’ve started changing my point of view, rather than looking at the non-checked item on my to-do list, I reward my self on achieving few things every day.

I believe that if you bring yourself closer to where you want to be, it is more important than beating oneself up, let those serotonin kick it and get positive. You did good, reward yourself.

Food or friends make me happy, and the combinations of both creates moments that always makes me smile. These are snap shots in my past that I can recall and appreciate how truly lucky I am. The Soup Nazi (Soup Man) amazing lobster bisque with my friend on a beautiful summer day in Manhattan is a one of them. Hmmmm…


Enjoy Life

Sharing my thoughts and life, it starts today.
There are so many things to see, do, eat, listen and learn about, and I get to enjoy some of it, and the rest I get to see through others who likes to share. Here is what I get to enjoy on my everyday, I hope something here will make you smile, think or be inspired. Enjoy life and share the love….